Over 20 years of experience and currently serving 54 residential developments and 9 lake communities.

When you choose Utility Pipeline, LTD (UPL) to provide your development with natural gas, you are choosing the most cost-effective energy source for your future home buyers. In addition, we work with your project managers and other utilities to ensure the natural gas mainline and service line hookups meet your time table. 

UPL currently provides natural gas service to developments in our five states of operation in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia which also includes:

  • Participation in pre-construction design and engineering
  • Coordination with other utility installation (sewer, water, etc.)
  • Running gas line and complete restoration of surface
  • Operating and maintaining the gas distribution system and emergency service
  • Adhering strictly to all state and federal pipeline safety regulations


Utility Pipeline Natural Gas Service Line Process

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"If we would relocate [to a new development], I would hope that your service would be available. It is cheaper, cleaner, and you never have to worry about a storm coming through and taking down power lines."  

David Walker
Kane, PA


Frequently Asked Questions

UPL personnel and contractors work very hard to keep surface damage and other disruptions to a minimum. Whenever possible, UPL bores beneath roadways to minimize or eliminate the disruption of transportation. Similarly, horizontal boring along easements keeps surface damage to a minimum. By installing lines along the outer edge of easements, damage to individual properties is kept to a minimum. As the distribution lines are installed, professional restoration crews restore the surface and areas affected by the pipeline.

Yes. The distribution lines installed by the co-op meet the construction specifications of regulated gas utilities. In addition, the co-op's line installation is subject to audit by the state's public utility commission. The safety of the residents of your community is the co-op's primary consideration.

All states govern the tariffs (the "rate base") that natural gas utilities are allowed to charge their customers. Most state gas utility tariffs lack any incentive for gas utilities to extend their distribution lines into unserved residential areas. 

The co-op's rates are not subject to PUC jurisdiction and rate base policies, the co-op has the flexibility to install distribution lines that exceed the line extension policies of most gas utilities. Because of the increased flexibility in establishing fees and rates, the co-op can bring cost effective natural gas service to communities that might otherwise not be able to obtain service from a regulated gas utility.

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