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Madison Energy, under the management of Utility Pipeline Ltd, has provided Natural Gas service to the community of Lake Choctaw and parts of London, Ohio for over twelve years.  Founded by a group of civic-minded citizens, Madison Energy and Utility Pipeline Ltd began constructing a new Natural Gas Distribution system in August of 1997.  The 140,000 feet system currently supplies 2,403 households with Natural gas as efficient and cost effective as possible. Madison Energy continues to work diligently to provide safe reliable natural gas service to its members as inexpensively as possible.

Madison Energy Cooperative is managed by Utility Pipeline Ltd, a professional gas management company that provides various services to over 45,000 families, businesses, and other institutions in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. UPL offers a full range of services in the natural gas industry including engineering, installing, maintaining and operating natural gas distribution systems to the highest standards. It is UPL’s goal to provide long term value for cooperative memberships. Established in 1995, UPL remains dedicated to providing members with safe, reliable, service members can trust. 

For homeowners interested in taking advantage of Madison Energy Cooperative's Natural Gas Service, you can apply online by clicking on the "Apply for Services" icon.

Be sure to download the complete Application Packet as well. The packet contains the required forms and information to assist you in obtaining natural gas service.

Madison Energy Cooperative Application Packet

Madison Energy Cooperative Rules and Regulations

4100 Holiday St NW Suite 201
Canton Ohio 44718
Mailing Address:
PO Box 35519
Canton Ohio 44735
Fax: 330.498.9137
Toll Free - 888-863-0032
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Installing Natural Gas Service

Installing Natural Gas Service