How the Coop Works

How the Coop Works:

The Coop is a member owned not-for-profit natural gas provider and is run by a 9-member Board of Trustees who meet on a regular basis as directed by the Code of Regulations. The Coop is non-regulated in that it is not under the operational control of the State Public Utility Commissions. It is, however, subject to all Federal and State safety regulations, operational provisions, and supporting documentation.

Any member in good standing within the Coop is eligible to run for the Board. Elections are held annually. All members in good standing are permitted to vote by mail during the annual election. Board members serve five-year terms. Trustee terms are staggered so that no more than 2 trustees are elected in any one-year.

An Annual Meeting of the membership is held once per year, currently in the fall, as directed by the Code of Regulations. Exact dates and times for the Annual Meetings as well as Board Meetings are set by the Board of Trustees. Currently only the time and date for the Annual Meetings are published. Presently the Annual Meeting is held in Knox County, Ohio, at the Apple Valley Clubhouse.

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