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President's Welcome

Dear Fellow Members of Knox Energy,

On behalf of the Knox Energy Board of Trustees, I welcome you to our website. I wish to extend a warm greeting to each member of our Cooperative and trust you will find this website helpful. It is intended to provide you with useful information and a better understanding of the operations of the Cooperative. Our plan is to continue improving this site so it remains a valuable resource to both current and prospective members.

Personally I have been involved with this organization since before we were an official non-profit association. In the mid 1990’s we discussed with our neighbors how wonderful it would be to have natural gas service in our Apple Valley community. In 1998, we began having community meetings to discuss the interest level and determine the feasibility. We set a goal of attracting 400 members before we breaking ground. Since then, much growth has occurred -- we now have over 15,000 members.

The Board of Trustees diligently seeks to provide you, our members, with natural gas in a safe, efficient, and economical manner in accordance with our mission statement and the rules and regulations of the Coop, both of which you will find on this site, along with other useful and valuable information.


 Renee McDaniel

President, Knox Energy Cooperative Association

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